How old is my canoe?

I’ve googled and found nothing, but I find that hard to believe - yeah, there’s a pun in there somewhere.

I just bought an old Grumman 17’ canoe and it came with no title or paperwork. From what I have found so far, it’s from 76 to 82 timeframe (based on when Grumman added float chambers and the earliest sticker on the boat).

I would think someone would have a site with hull numbers, deciphering what they mean and years for the serial number portion of it. Bit google has failed me if such a site exists - they are there for my old camper and lots of other things.


Call Marathon Canoes.
They should be able to help.

What is the HIN (s/n)?

Does it have a serial number ?
the last two numbers in it are supposed to be the year it was made.



Or, to expand on Yanoer’s post,
Google “hull identifacation numbers” and see what comes up.

Do I have this right?
hull ID is

GBMA1001M81D-7A is helpful, but my darned HID don’t fit their scheme…

GBM is Grumman.

A1001 is the serial number?

M81D would be M8 (cert year, but there is no M month)

1D would be year…November 81?

What’s the -7A?

Dunno. Mfrs. spec. code?
Otherwise, sounds right.

Old Grummans
I too have an old Grumman - mine is an ABS (circa early 80’s). I have contacted Marathon Boats, but they don’t seem to have any records from before OMC bought the company in 1990. When I emailed them they told me they don’t have any information about old serial numbers, or any other information.

So if anyone out there has any information, I too would appreciate it.


The current USCG “rules” for Hull Identification Numbers are: First three letters are Manufacturer Identification Code, MIC, ie GBM for Grumman. Fourth letter is for model, ie model A. fifth letter is for mold number, ie mold 1. Items 6-8 denote serial number, Item 9 the month of manufacture in latters, A=Jan, etc, and ther final three denote model year and year of manufacture. Additional items after the first 12 often denote a manufacturer’s internal trim code.

That obviously was not the required code in 81, when I suspect your hull was made. Grumman was producing ~20K hulls a year back then.