How old is too old when buying used kayak clothing?

I’m trying to buy some used kayaking gear, such as semi-dry tops or the like. I’m leery of any used stuff that doesn’t look pretty new, and pretty unused. But is this bias based in fact? I was thinking stuff like latex or neoprene has a shelf life and won’t work well after a certain amount of time has passed, but what is your experience with this? Is it maybe even better simply to look for things with a lesser discount that are sold new? Thanks!

Used is ok but you need to look closely at it. Latex stretch look for cracks neoprene too. Look at seams to see if the are lifting, look for general wear on the outside stitching and zippers.

I have stuff which is I guess considered used but it’s never been used at all or used once or twice .

Good condition you can wash and add repellent products like Nik wax. Dates don’t matter it’s how it was cared for, used and stored.

Don’t worry about wearing what someone else did just think eating in a restaurant everyone was sucking on your fork. :joy: or hotel sheets!

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Haha, thanks! I am no stranger to buying used items, and I’m not skeeved out by it in the slightest. I have a washing machine. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t penny wise and pound foolish.

In fact i pride myself on buying as many used items as possible. Saving stuff from the landfill, and making less plastic to gunk things up. Plus it happens to be easier on my wallet. :wink:


Just check it out well if online ask for stretching pictures or even a video of zippers. I mean if I wanted to sell something in 5 minutes I could take many pictures and a video. Enjoy the :mag: :mag_right: search.


I recently found a pair of neoprene socks that I bought in the 1990’s. They look and feel as good as new. None of my neoprene gear shows any sign of age-related deterioration (my stuff is stored indoors). I agree with PD that you just need to look it over since you’d see and feel any significant change in the suppleness of neoprene.

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Most people quit around 75.

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