How Old Too Old?

I’m looking into buying a used canoe, and after several months of searching have a line on an OT Penobscot for $700. The current owner says it’s 10 years old, but in good shape, stored inside, “lightly used”. My question: is there a point where despite the good shape a canoe may be in, it’s just too old to continue using? Researching, the Penobscot seems like a good all around canoe, and this is about in line with the secondary market in my area. Any input appreciated. Thanks.

My brother’s old Blue Hole is…
…28 years old and is still plenty tough. I don’t suppose it can take the same kind of abuse it once could, but it takes some fairly hard knocks with no sign of trouble. I’d trust it for any commmon type of use except rock-bashing.

Just broken in
I would not expect any problems from a 10 year old royalex hull that’s been stored out of the sun. Most of my whitewater boats are at least that old.

I’ve seen 20+ year old Old Town Trippers pounding down rocky New England class III with no complaints.

From what I have seen it’s the newer Royalex you have to worry about.

Old Old town
My Pen 16’ is 15 years old, was never stored inside, and is still a honey. I have several 30 year old Mad Rivers, one ME I paddle all the time, no problem. That is a lot of $$ for that boat, unless it is like showroom new.

not too old
My royalex boat was made in 1984. It has a lot of hard miles on it and I still trust it.

Price seems way high
I paid $450 for my used Mad River Revelation (17’) and two paddles. It also had been stored inside and lightly used, and was only 3-4 years old. Shop around.

The price is way to high
I bought a three year old perfect condition Penobscot 16 two years ago for $450.

It was advertised here on P-net.