how oversized can a dry suit be?

I’ve been meaning to post this question for a while.

I’m 265 lbs, 6’ 2", 44" waist. If I bought a DS today I think it would have to be a Kokatat XXL. I believe all the other brands would be too small.

If I did buy an XXL Kokatat and then went to 190-200 lbs, 36-38" waist, would I then want a smaller DS?

Paul S.

Want v Need
I wear a Unisex suit because my shoulders, when in fighting trim, are a bit much for the women’s come winter layers. So I have spare thru the chest that kinda gets folded under the PFD, but that’s about the only place that I find it a management issue. For the rest, while I may be pretty baggy in warmer weather I find that as the water temps get into the 40’s and below the suit is if anything a challenge to get out of. In sum, I find baggy to be pretty manageable.

But if you change that much you will also likely be talking a new skirt, will also likely be in the range where a lower volume boat and a less wide cockpit may also be on the list. A baggy drysuit may be the least of your concerns.

How much extra is ths extra X
I am about your target size and weight and have Kokatat XL DT & DS. Plenty of room for layers with both. I suspect a XXL would be too large for me but I don’t know how much extra room you get with the extra X.

Just bought a Kokatat GMER XL DS, and it has plenty of room for 6’4"/200#, even with a fleece liner. I was worried about going too small and sacrificing freedom of movement, but the XL is perfect for me. Also, for easier entry/exit, get some 303 for the gaskets and lube for the zippers.

HOw much insulation

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i find the zipper in my xl suit too narrows for my shoulders.

With a 44 inch waist and a polartec 300 liner plus perhaps a 100 liner, the xl sill be tihgt ona 44 inch waist.

buy the xxl, burp it, use it. If you strip off that much weight try and go for a used sale or exchange! You'll be so happy that the minor loss of value will not matter. If you are a ww paddler you might consider the xl

Too Baggy…
is better than too long. Of course, this is coming from a medium body in a short length. Drysuit is for winter paddling, so you want some room to layer. Extra length does nothing except to have excess material bunched around wrists and ankles.

Switched over to a small (but wider cut) Palm Stikine just to get more room than my small Kokatat (for skinny long folks).


Correcto on the boat and spray skirt
I just didn’t want to add a GMER to the list.

Paul S.

when will Kokatat start making drysuits

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that fit real people, and not just for the skinny SUPER MODELS like sing?!

I'm overweight, but no grotesquely so--6'00" tall, and 230 lbs.

But can I find a drysuit that will FIT me? No. I wear a Kokatat XL, but have to squeeze into that (tight waste), with no room for layering; meantime the torso, arms and legs are too long! (I know I could have the sleeves and legs taken in, but the torso would still hang too low "down there".) If it weren't for my waste, I would wear a size L. Grrr!

When are they going to start making drysuits for people who need to get into shape/who want to get into shape, instead of for people who already ARE?

Please incline your ear to this post, Mr. Kokatat, and address the needs of today's demographic.

(Edit: Instead of "sing", it was supposed to read "Sting". Sorry. Typo.)

Kokatat DOES make dry suits that will fit you, albeit with some custom modifications necessary.

the best resource for dry suit sales is George Gronseth over at the Kayak Acadmey in Issaquah just outside Seattle. He has been selling them for years and has his own fit guide developed for them.

He stocks all kinds of sizes as well as some common custom suits.

I bought my suit from him in the spring and found NO ONE more knowledgable than he was, great service too, he includes a care kit for your suit as well as detailed instructions for maintenance, cleaning, and gasket repair.

hope that helps!



dry suit
I don’t have a paddling drysuit yet, but do have one for diving. Be careful what you use on you gaskets, as it may deteriorate the rubber. I use liquid silicone (pump spray bottle). Makes getting in and out of the seals a breeze. For the zipper I use a stick of bees wax. I put the zipper wax on before using and after for storing.

Kokatat will knock 3" off legs and arms
… for a charge of course, and you’ll have to wait a bit for the custom suit vs buying off the rack. I did that with my size L, and it’s still baggy – and no, I’m not super overweight either… just a bit ;-)))


the only modifications
Kokatat does is to the length of sleeves & legs (cf. djlewis’s post below & mine above). At least that’s what they told me when I called them. Maybe George can work some sort of special magic and get things done. What I need is for them to let the gut out. But when I called, they said they don’t do that.

XXL fit me well
in 2003 at 290 lb, 48" waist. I think it was XXL. Kokatat doesn’t have XXXL, right?

I’m built like a monkey; long torso, long arms, short inseam. If they don’t err on long torso then us monkeys get jocked when doing a layback, like I do in my NRS Grizly John wet suit. At least wet suits stretch.

Paul S.

Good question - here’s sizing chart

If You’re Near An Outfitter W/Palm

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you may want to try a Stikine. It's cut for those of us who are not built like models.


Never too baggy
I would go XXl If I were you and don’t worry about loosing weight and it being too baggy.

I’m 6’2" 185 and have to go for an XL to get the length. I’d rather have it loose any day.

more important than the waist:
the chest size…i have a 37" waist…and a 46" chest…need to go XL in all tops because of that,…no matter how much weight i lose i will still need an xl because of the width of my shoulders…