How to add a rib to a fibreglass canoe?

Hey folks, I was given a late 80s Great Canadian canoe that was in good shape until it was left outside in a heavy winter and buckled under the snow load.

I’ve got it mostly patched up but at the spot of the buckle it could use an extra rib to keep it from oil canning excessively in that spot.

I’m not really sure how to add a rib and google is not bringing up much of anything other than repairing ribs in a cedar canoe.

some thoughts
The cheapest alternative might be to just get a roll of fiberglass tape of whatever width you want the rib to be, and apply it in layers using your choice of epoxy or other resin. I would avoid polyester resin unless you know your boat was constructed with it, and would avoid it even then.

If you have the facility to steam a length of wood, you could fashion a rib out of a thin hardwood slat, seal it with epoxy, epoxy it in place, and then 'glass it over.

Another alternative to avoid the weight of an all-cloth rib would be the use of some type of core material such as Lantor Coremat.

If the hull is hogged, with a visible deformity and inward concavity at the site of weakness, you may need to jack the hull out using something like a temporary thwart applied across the gunwales and clamped to them, and a stick between that and the hull to hold it out while the resin cures.

Check out
Northwest Canoe. I’m not entirely sure the best approach but I’m sure they’ll know…you can call them or shoot them an email.

same thoughts
I was thinking the same thing. I’d probably go with some core material overlaid with a couple of layers of fiberglass.