How to add accessories Ocean Kayak

Afternoon, Fellow Yaks

I have here a Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL. I need your opinion on which hatch to purchase and if you recommend a specific hatch. I do not want to go with a Gaspachi Round Hatch instead im interested in a 6 inch screw hatch like:

I like the clear hatch because I can see into the storage or this hatch

Appreciate all the recommendations as possible.


SeaLect Designs
I installed a SeaLect Designs 6" round on a boat I no longer own which is very much like the one you mention with the clear option. i got with the bag that goes inside. 6" was a bit tight for even getting my largish hands into, which sometimes was annoying. Make sure you have a flat spot large enough on your deck to put this, and best to put it in a spot that is normally above water (in case you don’t seal it perfectly).

Use Lexel to seal everything up. Amazon seems to be suggesting something called Goop, which I have not clue would be good or not.