How to adjust Canoe Seats

There are times when I want to kneel on a pad while paddling but the problem I have is my butt rests uncomfortably against the edge of the seat. If anyone knows how to adjust the seat on a angle so that my butt rests on the middle of the seat and not on the edge please let me know. I have a 16 ft Wenonah.


I am not sure what kind of supports …
your seats are on, but I have angled them in several Wenonahs, by using inch high broomstick size dowels under the rear of the tubing.

It requires longer bolts naturally.

They sell plastic dowels just for that purpose.

With the wood ones, I round the end a bit so they fit nicely into the cross tubes.



You may just need
to lower your seat. Use longer bolts and spacers. Best comfort level is acheived when about 60-70% of your weight is on your seat, the rest on your knees. Often the height of the seat can acheive that. Just make certain you can easily get your feet out from under it for safety. You can play with the angle also by adjusting the spacers (also called drop blocks), but just adding more angle may not be what you need as it becomes difficult to keep your weight on the seat if the angle is too great. Experiment.

Seat Angle
Don’t drop the front edge of the seat by more than 3/4" or you’ll find yourself constantly sliding forward. I also find that a contoured seat, where the front edge drops a bit in the center helps.

Marc Ornstein

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