How to adjust seat - WS Zephyr

Today was the day to make repairs and I’m running into roadblocks - might just go out and paddle as is - gorgeous day here.

But - the seat in my kayak is mounted slightly crooked and it is driving me crazy. I was hopeful that I could simply loosen the mounting bolts, twist the seat in to correct position and re-tighten the bolts. Turns out that idea is a bust. The holes in the plastic seat frame are just that, holes, so there is no adjustment possible. My only idea is to pull the seat bolts completely, reposition the seat frame correctly, and then re-drill the seat frame while an assistant holds the frame in position. But, I am concerned that the new holes may overlap the old holes causing problems and I’m not sure whether moving the seat forward or back a full inch or so to avoid overlapping holes is a good idea.

Should I be looking to Wilderness Systems to repair this? I don’t think I am being unduly picky - the alignment problem is clearly visible with the naked eye. The seat is pointing me toward the left side of the kayak.

If it were me i would create slots in the seat where you currently have holes. You could then straighten out the seat and/or play around with fore/aft trim a little.

Crooked Seat.
When I bought my Tempest several years back I found the same thing. The seat had been carelessly drilled and was very crooked. I removed it and found that one side had been drilled incorrectly twice and that redrilling again would create overlapping holes. What the heck, I redrilled it anyway, remounted it straight and it hasn’t slipped.

If your boat is new and your dealer nearby it wouldn’t hurt to touch base with them, otherwise just try redrilling and see how that works.

Eventually, I pulled the WS seat out altigether and replaced it with a foam seat.

I’m going to bring this boat to
the dealer tomorrow (EMS) and have them take a look at it before I start drilling holes.

Kuddos to EMS
EMS comes through for me yet again. I brought my Zephyr over this afternoon. A very competent mechanic was on duty. He took the time to remove and replace the seat so that it is not oriented correctly. He also repaired the kink in my skeg cable and got that working well again. All on warranty. I am very happy with the service I have received from EMS since I bought this boat. They really stand behind the things they sell.