How to adjust the Prijon Kodiak rudder?

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Am I missing something?

Tried several "tweaks", including replacing the bungee.

Tried to search p-net and Goggle; and the groundclutter search engine appears to have tanked.

Help, you mavens of adjusting the line tension on the Prijon fish-flaying-capable rudder!

Puzzled in Potsdam, NY (aka MikeT)

What bungie? There should not be anything stretchy between the foot braces and the rudder.

Bill H.

Sorry for lack of precision

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in previous post.

My problem is with the rudder deployment/retract system, which on my Kodiak has a piece of "bungee-like" material that goes around a pully on the back deck, and is connected to rudder to deployment/retract lines.

Each line has a slider type tensioner close to the lines's connection to the bungee.

My problem is to get the whole system tight enough to easily deploy and retract the rudder, without getting everything so tight that the rudder deployment/retract system does not work at all.


forget the lines, check the rudder
How old is the rudder? If it’s old, then I bet grit has made it’s way into the rudder pivot. Clean and reassemble.

Otherwise, The bolt that passes through the rudder pivot might be too tight. Loosen it a little, like 1/32-1/16 of a turn. That should help with rudder lines that are too loose they do not do anything and too tight to operate.

Hello Mike T
This is dave from ogdensburg. I rented the kodiak in san diego and never did figure out the rudder. Asking someone to push down on it while it was in the water?

My seda glider with feathercraft had the same problem and never did figure out. The kickup rudder such as west side boats or van dusen is so bulletproof. A spring pops it up when you hit weeds. Otherwise it stays down and works great. The understern is on a rod that slides thru the back of the boat and can be attched in a minute. Understern helps you turn like a go kart or ferrari, even if the back of the boat is up out of the water.

Thanks for the information.

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Like me, the rudder is old.

I'll try your fix and let you know how it works out.

Thanks again.


Prijon Rudder Problems
I, too, had the same problem. I always had to have someone else flip my rudder down for me. It seemed that no matter how hard I pulled, it just wasn’t going to go down. I noticed that the rudder deployment cords ran through one of the 2 metal "O-bars’ that hold the rudder in place when it is out of the water. I took the bottom cord out of the “O-bar”. Everything works well now. I guess there was just a smidgen too much drag with both of those cords passing through the ring. I hope your fix is as easy as mine was.