How to Ask a Question on This Site for Beginners

Many posts on this site ask questions like “Do I need a ________?” or " Should I buy a _____?"

Better for the poster to ask “what are the pros and cons of buying/using/having a ________” and give some circumstances and details to understand the post. This should result in better replies and guidance for the original poster!

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Excellent post OP!

Only exception(s) would be: Do I need (or should I buy) a PFD/whistle? YES

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Agree! Excellent idea for a post.

All I can say is quite recently a “New Paddler saying hi” post was put up that, in my opinion at least, is one of the finest first posts I’ve ever seen here. I didn’t respond myself because I don’t kayak and had little to offer, but it was a well thought out query, made after giving the question due consideration, and included all the pertinent information a respondent would need for a thoughtful response. It could be a template for a friendly and effective first post. Kudos.

I regret not having made as thoughtful and graceful an introduction myself.

My advice to a beginner would be to first read the topics posted. Common questions are usually posted somewhere already. Previous posts should give the beginner an idea of the questions to ask about specific models and limitations.

The biggest decision is whether the boat is a sit on top, and enclosed open cockpit or a sea kayak with a closed cockpit. Unless the boat has a sea kayak style cockpit, the safe use of the boat will be limited to sheltered water.

A Frequently Asked Questions section would be a good addition to this site.

…or a canoe