How to attach bungee cord to SOT?

I have a small SOT that has no hatches or bungees to hold things down, and I’d like to attach a bungee on the back of it, behind the seat area.

Went to the hardware store and found bungee elastic cord, but have no idea what hardware to use to attach it. Need some kind of little eyelet thingy (pardon the lack of technical terms, I’m blond) and do I fasten that down with screws or what? Also, I imagine I will need to put some kind of, uh… putty or gel or something so it won’t leak where I made a hole, right?

I know this was covered before somewhere but couldn’t find it when I did a quick search. Thanks.


“Blind” Rivets
I use a pop rivets to attach eyepads. They sell the rivets and eyepads at SOT kayaking. You will also need a rivet gun. You can can one for under $20 at any hardware store. Make sure it is the right size for the rivets.

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Alternative to pop-rivits
I seem to be posting a lot of “alternative to” posts today…

There is a fastener called a “well-nut” which is also called a “rivit-style nut). It consists of a rubber plug which is inserted into an oversized hole (painful to drill) and when the screw is tightened the rubber nut expands and locks into the hole.

Advantage is that it can be removed at a later date and reinstalled. It is also self-sealing.

Disadvantage is that a well-nut for a 10-32 machine screw would require probably a 3/8” hole.

If you are interested, check Lowes in the SPecialty Fasteners section. You can get stainless steel screws there too.


Second Vote for
Go to the webpage and check out how to install the hard ware using blind rivets. It works well.

blind rivets
I searched the site for “blind rivets” and only found one reference, and it wasn’t instructional. How are they different from mushroom rivets?

From what I read, I plan to buy a rivet gun, mushroom rivets, strap eyes, and clear silicone gel. Looks like I have everything else I need to do the job (elastic cord, screwdrivers, safety glasses, drill). This might be fun! If it turns out well, I might go wild and do some of my other yaks too, lol.


I’ve always known them as “cherry rivets”. Here’s a place to get them online:

Here is another
site. Should have what you need.

Not Too Wild…
I have been going wild with the rivet gun for years. I totally re-rig all my Ocean Kayaks. I don’t like the big straps they use.

But the eyepads can strach the rack bars when I push the boat over them. And they can hurt when trying to climb back into the boat in rough conditions.

Also, I have drilled out the rivets. My Frenzy doesn’t have a hatch to remove the drilled out rivets and they rattle…

Blind rivets are good, but they can be overdone…