how to attach rod holder without drilli

does anyone have suggestions/ideas on how to mount a rod holder on my deck without drilling holes and using screws…boat is too expensive to put holes in my deck… would love links to any diagrams /DIY web sites …thanks stan

What kind of boat?
If it’s a SINK and you don’t use a skirt, I’d think you could clamp something on the deck or across the front of the cockpit.

Johnny Bar
Here’s what I use on my Eddyline Equinox and it works very well for me:

How about a cheapo
boat for fishing – maybe a SOT that you can bear to drill into. Used Scupper Pro or a Manta Ray or a Tarpon…

I put 4 Scotty mounts on my $500 SOT and they all required some good sized holes, but they were all flush mounts which are much more convenient than anything you’ll get that isn’t a flush mount.

Plus it has the tankwell and it’s easy to keep all your gear at hand and in sight.

Other than that, maybe use padeyes and shock cord to create a paddle holder/rod holder that doesn’t really look like a rod holder.


Is it a fiberglass kayak?
You can use fiberglass and resin to “patch in” something to hold your rod. You may need to sand off the gel coat in the chosen spot first.

Check the Old Town website. They used to have a clamp on rod holder. For that matter just check with you local marine shop or one of the many on-line marine shops.

On board
I’ve seen a few fisher folk simply mount the rod holder bases to a 1/2" square of plywood and slip it under deck bungees or clip it to either side deck rigging. Put a bit of minicell foam underneather for protection and to conform to your deck shape.

See you on the water,


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a different approach
If you want just to trawl while paddling I found a simpler solution.

Instead of having the rod fixed to the kayak I attach it to the PFD. If you don’t wear a PFD, you should!

The bottom of the rod is inserted into a loop sewn on to the PFD. The mid section is clipped through a biner on my right shoulder strap.

While I paddle I can feel the fish when it bites.

I stop paddling. Quickly unclip the rod (from the biner) and reel in the fish.

Adds no clutter to the deck of the kayak and is dead simple.

Picture at