How To Be a "Kook" -- Benefitting From a "Beginner's Mind"

Although in context of a “surf kook”, this is a wry video essay on “beginner’s mind.” (Just make sure you don’t jump on someone else’s wave and/or run them over!)


Ah he should come surf Malibu, where some believe Nose Riding originated … OK maybe not. (See Video).

And yes Kook salad seems to be the fare for Friday mornings in San Diego. I was in my car at 5:00 AM and home by 9:00 AM. The parking lot was packed, so I went and SUP paddled with the pelicans, sea lions, and I am presuming a GWS or two.

That scene reminds me why I really favor winter surf. Even though we don’t get the summer hordes that you do, It can still be much more than I am used to us or want to deal with.

This is why I pretty happy with finally getting a hold of the Cobra ReVision. Its length gives me a quicker paddle to the more remote reef and point breaks that don’t get the same attention of the boardies. I can also use the Stratos 14s or the Progression, but neither surfs as well as the ReVision with respect to more “surf board-like” performance. Also, Just like the simplicity of the SOT in the warmer months!


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