how to bring back the shine

hi all

what i can get to bring back or put back some shine on my poly kayak and royalex and my fiberglace canoes…?

some wax…?

something that will be good for a long time.



303 protectant will do it.

You will see it endlessly debated here, but an application 2-3 times a year keeps them looking good and provides UV protection.

303 will do it, or McNett, or even the
dreaded Armorall. I used to apply high quality car wax, and I think it lasted longer shine-wise than 303.

For your “fiberglass” or composite boat(s), there are products offered for big FG powerboats that may keep you shiny. Look for one that at least claims UV protection.

303 will do it
until it gets splashed. After that you’ll have a nice oil slick.

Careful, bohemia,
or stickman’ll be after ya for improper 303 application! I agree that it washes off.

StarBrite Marine Polish

– Last Updated: Apr-14-08 2:17 PM EST –

Dun't know how good it works on a poly or RX hulls, but truly puts a'mighty fine shine on me right impressive scalp...

Fat Elmo

If you rub 303 dry, it does not leave
any kind of slick on the water.

what about wax?
I have been using 303 for the past 2 summers.

good stuff.but i find it those not last if you use your kayak or canoe…

yes it last if it stay on the rack…hahaha.

i want something thatdo last a long time…even if its more expensive i dont care.

thanks again


I see the Starbright mentioned often.
Never tried it.

Canola Oil

What String said! Learn to use it right!