How to Canoe DVD/Video

Greetings All,

I am a long-time paddler who is again teaching behaviorally challenged youth to paddle on a large pond. I have taught canoeing for many years.

I am looking for your suggestions for the BEST roughly 30-minute “How to Canoe” for Beginners DVD.

Please DO NOT point me to the ACA - I bought their video several years ago and thought it pretty much sucked. It only showed old farts like me, tried too hard to be cutesy in its presentation and was “Real Professional” by having the stupidity to actually show two adults purposely tandem-paddling hard straight into the side of a hill. I lost all respect for that org. that I didn’t have to begin with. They get no more of my time or money.

I find it useful to show an electronic version prior to going out and teaching for obvious reasons.

thanks - Sid

Path Of The Paddle Series

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By the late Bill Mason for tandem an' solo and Classic Solo Canoeing by his daughter Becky Mason for solo. Filmed in the late 1970s, but it be still one o' de best in me opinoon! Ol' Bill demos de stokes in flatwater an' then cuts into showin' how it works in swiftwater.

Fat Elmo

great videos.

I recently ordered
the Quietwaters solo canoe video and it really gives you a basic understanding of the paddle strokes and overall view of solo canoeing. I found the video worth the money (about $25 so pretty cheap)because I finally understood how to execute some of the strokes I could not understand by reading the books. It would be useful for tandem canoeing as well.

You don’t
understand norwegian do you? :slight_smile:

I have made one.