how to carry all your gear???

on a recent outing at tobermoray canada we carried out gear to a remote spot through some pretty rough terrain—wet suits- kayak -etc stuff—we really could have used a dolly system of some kind to share some of the load----could u use a good kayak or canoe dolly and put some type of handles on it to carry the load–some of the path was steep and rocky—any advice ----thanks—phil

I find wheeled devices
to be inefficient over variable terrrain.

I also like to reduce my trail as much as possible.

Along those lines, and as strange as it may seem, this is the sled I use:

It’ll go anywhere with no moving parts to fail. Works like a charm!


Why would you haul gear to a remote water location? Why not just paddle there? Or is this an inland lake?

plastic boat
I really like the game sled. I might try that if I ever do any long carries with my wood boat.

Currently I just put everything in the plastic boat and drag it. I too find the wheeled carts better in theory than in practice.

Drag a plastic boat, egad, holes in the

mesh backpack with straps
cant remember who makes it but found it at the Jersey Paddler…works well for emptying almost the entire kayaks contents…would be heavy with scuba tanks but they’ve usually got shoulder straps anyway…

yeeah ok
Yeah drag your plastic boat with gear, you’ll end up with worn through spots rather quickly and your boat is good for a planter.

Flat ground/gravel/sand/little rocks, i use my cart. my own design that goes under the center of the kayak and keeps it high off the ground. normal dolly size pneumatic wheels,can even go over a curb.cart disassembles small enough to fit in bow hatch, or take it back to car.

Over rocky terrain where i can’t use a cart, i throw gear into an old frameless backpack and boat on the shoulder and go. backpack folds up small and goes inside a hatch.

Hey Phil
How are you and yours doing?? Just saw your post here and wanted to say hey.

JT in Central FL

Daluth Pack
I hope that it how you spell it. (Like the city in Minn) -He, he, I can’t spell the state either!

They are made just for that.

It is a big gear bag that has shoulder straps, but hangs low on your back so it doesn’t interfer with portaging.

They are commonly used in the Boundary waters.

Then if you make up my “handy dandy” kayak portage system you will be completely in business.



to JT
we r fine up here in mich----was in miami in feb --love that state of yours in the winter time --take care—phil

dear curious
it was safer and quicker to take the trails----take care–phil

how do i find out about your handy dandy portage system-a thingy-thanks-phil

It is nothing more than
a removable portage yoke that lies across your kayak cockpit and extends a few inches on either side.

You then use one double looped cam-lock buckle strap affixed to the yoke and under the kayak.

Visualize your kayak on your roof and strapped down to the bar with a double looped camlock buckle strap. Only the portage yoke is the bar and the kayak is upside down.

Also the yoke has short extender blocks, (so your head won’t be in the cockpit and you won’t be able to see where you are going) and the blocks have soft pads.

Works like a charm on my heavy plastic 17 foot Eclipse, although not being a young buck any more I don’t think I would want to portage it more than a half a mile or so.

If you want to see some pictures e-mail me. I have sent them to quite a few people over the past three or four years.



understand the words but . .
maybe I’m missing the context.

I’m a very lazy person, that’s why I paddle instead of hike. My personal rule of thumb is that if I can’t get there by kayak, then I don’t want to be there. I won’t even use a launch point that requires I carry the boat/gear further than 100 yrds, I’d rather paddle 4-5 extra miles than haul gear even a short distance. YMMV


Just having a little fun. I did think of using pack animals to haul gear while I carried a kayak. Thought better of it. Some places shouldn’t be paddled I’m thinking. Let the fish have the middle of the lake.

You need to get a CD by…
Greatful Ted and Fiddling Red.

They entertain during the Saturday night beach party at the Bogey and Bacall weekend on Key Largo.

One of their songs starts off: “if I had a boat, I’d take it on the ocean. If I had a pony I’d take it on my boat…”

I don’t now what they were smoking when they wrote the song, but it is very entertaining.

They do have some serious ones, and my favorite is “Blow, Blow Seminole Wind” which kind of tells about the ruination of the Everglades.




You have to take the dear out first

Thanks, and …
I did watch the spelling Bee live on the tube last night.

It was the best thing I have seen on TV in a long time.

It’s about time we showcased some of the kids who will be our future leaders.



Agreed on the Bee
That’s great theatre, indeed. Now if we can convince some of those bright kids to become world leaders, we might be on to something…