how to carry spare batteries?

What’s the best way to carry just a few spare batteries while paddling a kayak, say triple A’s for my headlamp? I ask because for some reason I thought the contacts weren’t supposed to touch each other, so they can’t be jumbled together in a bag. I guess I could put a rubber band around some and stick them in a drybox. Any suggestions are welcome!

G in NC

Spare Batteries
I carry spare batteries in a percription bottle and then in a dry box or bag. Batteries sit upright with + contacts up and cotton to fill any extra space.

My wife is the battery keeper and
her method: first we use so many that we buy them in the large quantity packages at Sam’s Club. She has a half dozen of the four pack little boxes, and she takes them out of the big quantity package and keeps four at a time in the small 4 pack box. That goes in a zip lock baggie, and that goes in a dry bag. Needless to say that after four months of almost daily paddling, the little boxes are getting a little raggy.

Incidently, we did some experimentation on the use of lithium vs alkaline and came to the conclusion that it is a toss up. The lithium cost twice as much, but only lasted twice as long.

The advantage would be on a long camping trip where you could carry less batteries.

Jack L

I simply bundle them together with a rubber band and put them in a small Ziploc.

I know people who use this and like it. For paddling it could go inside a dry bag.

The contacts can touch one another
as long as a complete circuit is not created, and that’s unlikely. You can buy very small “snack” ziplocks or just use small baggies to individually pack batteries if needed.

I Still Have Old 35mm Film…
is canister the right word? Little plastic cylinder with the snap on cap. The canister goes in a dry bag.

Thanks to all.
These are all good ideas. I may be able to find an old prescription bottle.

I’m packing now.


a small piece of paper tape
across the + terminal prevents any accidental contact. When the battery is needed peel off the tape and throw it in the campfire–its paper.

consider Enoloop
they’re rechargable AND hold a charge for a long time.

I am almost ashamed
to say this, but I guess you all need a laugh. Years ago when my son and I left for a camping trip I wrapped the spare batteries in aluminum wrap. What was I thinking? duh!!! You know the outcome.

Eneloop AAs are a good thing.

Some of the online vendors sell cases for AAs – threw them in free when I bought the batteries.

pelican hard case
For day paddles it holds my keys. Phone. Extra batteries for mp3 player. For longer trips it holds batteries and phone. Pretty cheap solution and fool proof. Use rechargable batteries.

Ryan L.

Radiomix, where . . .
in your boat does the Pelican hard case ride? Kayak with a day hatch? Or . . .? Just curious.I have filled my PFD pockets with things I consider essential but I’m running out of room there. Thanks.


DX to the rescue

Work for both AA and AA batteries. Cheap and cheerful!

I clip it to my back band or the strap under my spray skirt. So I can zip and get to it. Also if it is calm you can just lay it between you’re legs. It doesn’t move much at all. Plus that way if you’re boat is composite and your phone is on vibrate you know when someone calls. I do business on the water. No one has to know.

Ryan L.

At least you admit it
and can fess up with a grin on your face.

jack L