How to choose a Used Kayak?

How do you determine whether a used kayak is still in a good condition?

Look at it and paddle it
If you still can’t tell, kick the fenders and look under the hood.



used boats
Start by looking for damages to bottom of boat. Are there scars,then how deep are they. Will I have to repair these spots before launching. Take the boat out for test run with owner and look for leaks in bottom then the points of contact between upper deck and bottom. Looking for leaks again. Try to check out the deck openings for leaks and seals on hatch lids. Then ask (“do i really want this?”) or just a work project then take it to the water and play. this isn’t much but a start.

Wear under the seat for ww kayaks.
A little wavy patch and some scuffing is one thing. Big time waves, thoroughly clawed-up appearance, and perhaps softness to the touch compared to other areas of the bottom are other clues.

Age over 5 years for poly kayaks is not necessarily bad, if the boat does not appear sun-baked.

I also suggest that you try for a boat where you don’t have to do major re-outfitting to be comfortable. Because of my own large size, I usually can’t avoid this problem area.