How to delete an ad from the classifieds?

I went through my listing and personal profile but didnt see anything for deleting the ad.Can I delete it myself or do I have to ask a moderator to do it?

I’m curious too and could not figure it out after I sold a boat. The instructions say to edit it and mark it sold. Aggravating to waste time trying to just delete an ad.

If I have it right, and I’ve placed a couple of ads and sold a couple of boats, you cannot delete 'em. You can, and should, just edit them and write sold in the subject line.


I did edit the ad and stated it was sold before starting this thread.Just think it would be better all around if we could delete ad’s.Thanks!

I did edits and wrote delete everywhere. You can not delete messages,that someone else posted on your ad. Flagging them, to be deleted is a waste of time. The lights are on at PCOM, but nobody is home these days.