How to determine a fair price?

My Kajak Sport Artisan Millenium has been hanging in my garage unused for over a year. Since it is a big boat it takes up a lot of space and I have been thinking of selling it. Can anyone advise me of a formula to set a fair price? Like one half of new or something.



some ideas
Look at classifieds and be realistic

Fall is the worst time to try and sell a boat, a good time to buy, though.

Season is just beginning in Florida
Thanks for your response. I looked at the P-net classifieds but could not find a similar boat. This is the beginning of the paddling season for South Florida where this boat is located. Should be an excellent time to sell it here.

You could try
You could try searching all of craigs list using or even try ebay for past auctions. You might get an idea about price.

In general

Almost new and in-demand boats go for 60 to 75% of new cost. Most decent boats about 50% and old or beat up boats, maybe 30 to 40%.

But it varies a lot, so ultimately it’s worth what someone will pay for it…


All replies have been very helpful. A new one sells for $3850.00, mine is garaged kept, in great shape, and it should move if I list it a $1200.

Artisan Millenium
Is your Artisan Millenium kayak still for sale?

Robb Smith, Jacksonville, Fl.