How to Do I Contact Mad River Canoes

I have been pulling my hair out since last summer (and believe me I cannot afford to lose all that much!) trying to fix a problem I’ve experienced with my Mad River Express 16’ canoe.

I purchased it new last summer with the IQ gunwhale system which is supposed to make seat positioning and accessory attachment to the gunwhale easier. Well, it has been anything but easier. The seats and everything else move back and forth and make for a very poor canoeing experience.

I asked help from the merchant who sold me this canoe and his answer was to buy some clamps that bolt onto the gunwhale and secure the seats and whatnot. Well, at least that’s the theory. I have tried in vain to find a contact number or e-mail address for Mad River to ask for their help. Can somebody please help me with this, before the season slips away and the canoe stays on it’s stand.



Since Mad River owns this company,
maybe you can email it and get some information. It was strange that the Website doesn’t have an email addy:

Try here just a guess.

Good luck
Try this number: 1-800-311-7245 (it’s a free call at least)

I own a MR Horizon 17 with the IQ system and got that number off the owners manual.

I googled it and it comes back too Voyageur, but like other have said they are the same company.

I could tell a long story but let’s just say:

I have had more than my share of problems dealing with Mad River!

I will never buy another product from them or any of their sister companies!

One more thing
IF you do get hold of them INSIST that they send you some (at least 8) of their adjustable tie downs. They really did help keep the seat from moving,when placed in front and behind the seat mounts.

I have known
several people that have had problems with Mad River boats ranging from hull cracks to problems with the IQ system. The lucky ones bought them from REI as they will allow you to return it within a year of purchase.