How to find a sea kayaking group

I am new to sea kayaking and have been looking for a group to learn from near Long Island, or eastern Connecticut. My main concern is learning to launch and land in surf as I don’t feel comfortable doing it on my own, where as rescues I have been able to practice on my own and with friends.
How do I go about finding a group or lessons? Thanks!
Eric H

There are a couple of groups in CT, on FB and connyak

FB has L.I.K.E, Small Craft Advisory SCA. One’s above listed.

New Jersey has some also. There are others but geared more to rec kayakers.

Paddling with a club is a great way to expand your skill set.

Googling “connecticut sea kayaking clubs” yields many leads.

Look on MeetUp .

A couple I belong to and paddle with often , great people !

This is for the Connecticut side of the sound

for instruction :

Western part of the sound
Eastern part of the sound

see you on the water

I think you would be better served finding instructions rather than a club. Clubs have mixed bags of skill levels.

A class on launching and landing in surf would be called surf zone training (as opposed to “surfing”, which is using the waves to play). This is a relatively advanced skill which I find the average club member may not know or at least know well enough to safely teach you.

I would hit up @Marshall to see if he either does it. I believe he is an ACA level 4 instructor, so definitely certified to teach surf zone in some good sized waved. But he is located in Hyde park, just north of Poughkeepsie, so not sure if he goes down to the coast to do that much. Whether he does or not, he likely knows other instructors who do.

Actually I live in Poughkeepsie and have met @Marshall, but unfortunately covid rules mandate wearing masks in our area, making it impractical for any type of activity where you need to get wet. I think I will start by finding some instruction in Connecticut or long island for surf zone training.