How to fix a deformed hull?

A friend of mine just bought what appears to be an Old Town Discovery produced back in the mid 80s. (At least that’s what I think it is based on appearance and measurements.) The hull is pretty deformed midships with three or four significant “waves” in the bottom (3 to 4" deep). Does anyone have any advice on how these might be removed? I think I’ve read elsewhere that a heat gun, if used carefully, can be used to soften the material which can then be forced into position and allowed to cool. I don’t want to try this unless someone has had success or has any better ideas. I’d appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks!

Those waves consist of stretched
material. It is not possible to un-stretch poly by heating it… not once it is stretched so significantly. If the waves are as serious as you say, your friend has a giant planter.

Fill it up with water…
and leave it in the sun…summertime is best.


Typical for Discos
The waves in your friend’s canoe are very common for Old Town Discoveries. The bad news is there isn’t any fix for it. The good news is those Disco hulls are fairly indestructible. My advice would be to just have fun with it as is – it’s one canoe you won’t have to baby.

Does filling with water actually work?
Have you had luck doing this? What type of boat?

I Have One
and it has a nice wavey bottom just like others said. Typical of this particular canoe. I’ve taken mine well over 1000 miles as is and it works just fine. If you really want to get the oil cans out maybe think about putting in some ribs. I was fond of that idea for a while but gave it up and have taken this Disco all over God’s good earth. Heavy as all get up but I can scrap it over whatever comes it’s way and keep on going. Like that stoopid battery commerical! Just go use it and have a great time doing it!


So then it would become a giant
mosquito breeding facility rather than a giant planter??

Filling with water
My sons Poly Perception Carolina oilcans on occassion. We just fill up the affected area with hot water and let it sit. Works fine.

Don’t know if the material of your canoe will work using this method.