how to fix a leaky water-bag

My platypus and camelpack sprung leaks.

I’ve tried epoxy and a few other things but although the epoxy dried, it refused to stick to the plastic.

Any ideas?

I’d hate to toss a good camelpack bladder out just because of one small leak.

Try a thin, penetrating urethane like
Seamgrip. Back it up with a patch made of material similar to the bag. Aquaseal may work also, but is thicker and less penetrating. If the inside of the bag is a vinyl, you could consider Vynabond, but I have never been very happy with it, even on vinyl.

Epoxy, even G-flex, is not something I’d ever use to patch a flexible fabric bag.

jeez, a new bag is 20 bucks
buy a new one.

Or you can go a more durable route, and use a gallon drinking jug with a hose taped into the drinking spout.

I’ve used Aquaseal on similar stuff

kinda worked, kinda didn’t

I wouldn’t trust in any situation where I was counting on having that water

Time for a new bag!
with that said, have you tried “Aqua Seal”

It will probably cost you half what a new bag will cost though.

jack L

got a thermarest?
or similar sleeping pad, they come with a repair kit (top of stuff sack). I fixed a sponson in a folding kayak with one once, would guess it would be worth a shot on the water bottle.

if I had $20 to blow…
I’m retired Air Force.

I am still paying off my kids college and my ex-wife’s debts.

After bills are paid, I have $127 a month for food and incidentals.


don’t forget this is for drinking water.
I’ve used aquaseal successfully on many things, but I’d want to check for safety for use on food or water containers. Same for vynabond and other chemicals.

Replace them…
…it’s a bummer, I know, but not worth spending that much time on.

Trust me. I grew up without much. My parents endured the Dust Bowl and Depression. I was taught to fix first and last. Never replace anything that you can fix. I can fix anything but have learned that there are somethings that we need but are not worth trying to fix. These bladders fall into that category.

Ticks me off to no end but just replace them and don’t go down the long road I did coming to this realization.

Spend that time paddling instead. Nothing can replace that.


I was under the impression they had lifetime replacement policies for their products.

I could be wrong but I thought that was one of their selling features ?

I bet hippo patch would do it.
If you put the patch on the inside I’m certain it would do it, but ewww I wouldn’t drink the water after that.

If you’re trying to patch the bladder, have you tried a vinyl pool patch kit?


Platypus will repair

warranty only - no repairs

I fixed my leaking Camelbak bladder
with 100 mile and hour tape, AKA as good quality duct tape. It was a pinhole, near the top, opposite the fill port. Already had another bladder, it was just an experiment that I didn’t think would pan out.

That was about a year ago. Bladder gets used in two different packs (hiking and Mt. biking) as well as on the back of my PFD, used nearly every weekend once or twice. Still in use, the other newer one is waiting as a backup. Clean it/disinfect it/use it the same as always.

Hasn’t leaked since the tape went on.

Seamgrip and Aquaseal are inert and
safe once set. Vynabond I don’t know.

Check the warranty

– Last Updated: May-12-10 10:35 AM EST –

I've had several hydration bags replaced under warranty when they developed leaks in corners or around attachments. That was common with Platypus products for a while, but they were really good about replacing them.

If your leak is due to a puncture, you can get repair kits from the manufacturers or you can use products like Lexel, GOOP or Aquaseal. Using a fabric or plastic patch in conjunction with the sealant will make for a stronger repair. I would patch on the outside only.