how to fix pin hole in roto, goop?

There is a pin size hole (well maybe 3 pin widths!) in my Manitou 14 at the outside edge of the small “tube” that is molded into the stern where the rope for the carry handle goes into the very far end of the stern. I’m hoping there is some fairly simple “goop” that I can apply. Typically, the boat is not so deep in the water that it gets to that little hole, but I did hear the water coming into the stern compartment when I was practicing some self rescue and submerging the stern a bit. Thanks for the tips! (I have googled a bit and was hoping the size of the hole might preclude any “welding.”)

If you could get Marine Goop through
the hole and then invert the boat and thump or hammer so the goop settles over the inside. Then you can add more outside and let it set.

For some holes you might be able to push or turn a Nylon screw through, using Goop as a seal. The screw thread would help the screw stay in.

Melt id

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On my old Keowee I used the same color plastic and a torch to melt it into the hole.
Just enough heat to drip the plastic.
Cut off the excess.
Solder iron smooth and sand paper to finish.
It only lasted about 8 far.
The nylon screw sounds good also.

Screw with a neoprene washer or Bituthane.

brought it to the shop,

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the local boat shop where they used a razor to slice a sliver a few inches long from the inside of the cockpit coaming; then used a heat gun to briefly heat the area of the hole holding the sliver in there, too -- just sort of pushed the two together with the (closed) needle nose pliers he had handy -- then sliced off some excess with the razor. Very nice! Dang, I'm not too handy, but probably could do that myself -- now that I've seen it done! FYI, the boat is about 6 years old, and the hole happened where the rope pressures (when lifting by the handle) the outside edge of the "tube" the rope passes through.
Edited to say thanks to Will at Rendezvous River Sports in Jackson Wyoming

Pretty slick fix
Need to keep that one in the memory banks

for future reference.

Thanks for posting and sharing.