How to handle glasses in whitewater

I wear prescription lenses and have taken up whitewater kayaking. Does anyone have advice on what I can wear while paddling and still be able to see? My sunglasses fog right up, and are even worse when I take an (unintentional) swim.

I have ski goggles with prescription lens inserts, cycling shades that with prescription inserts, but haven't found anything suitable for kayaking.

And no, I can't wear contacts and I don't want to do laser surgery.

Thanks for any advice!


What I do.
I wear my prescription glasses with a strap around the back. That and my helmet keep the glasses on even if I swim or roll. Beyond that I usually do what I do for scuba diving, put something on the glasses to help reduce fogging. You have several choices. Cat Crap works about as well as anything. Spit works for a short time and is what I typically do. If I roll I usually head for an eddy, remove my helmet and glasses,rinse the glasses, refresh the spit, rinse again and go on my way. If you use other defogging stuff, be sure they will not harm any coatings you have on your lenses.

I Use Bartz Goggles
with prescription lenses ( I do not do whitewater, however, I have practiced rolling with them. They come with a set perforated and non-perforated rubber gaskets. The non-perforated gaskets are intended to keep water out, however, they do get fogged. The perforated gaskets keep the lenses clear, and these are the ones that I use. Some water does get in while upside down. I really like them.

Lou (NYC Area also)