How to ID my yak?

Does anyone know how to identify the model of my Dagger?

I bought this used from a friend in 2006 and I have no idea how to ID it.

My shoulders are no good anymore so I’m done kayaking :frowning: Might as well sell it to someone.

Here are some pics ( i think this is the right way to link it)

Try Boatertalk?
From the pics I’d say it was an older play boat, so I assume that you don’t try and go straight with it much. But Boatertalk is strong with WW folks, someone there might even have had that model.

I see it has been converted to c-1.
You might be able to get an ID and perhaps sell it (at a bargain price) on

Dagger used to have an
Ego and a Super Ego. This looks like the Ego. Some info:

serial number?

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Get a flashlight and peak inside to see if you can find a serial number. That can help with ID. But I think Redmond is right, sure looks like this one:

Note the paddler weight range: 80 to 140 lbs. Important to know in selling it.

You guys rock!
That’s my kayak!

awesome you guys rock.

Yeah I’m going to sell it off. Realistically I wont use it again :frowning:

I had it fitted up for C1 kayaking but the foam needs some TLC so I wont be getting tonnes of money for it.