how to install thwart/yoke on fiberglass

Hey guys - i am refurbishing an old frontiersman canoe and the fiberglass yoke has been torn off. I am looking for a simple fix so was leaning towards just putting two metal L brackets in and then bolting a 1x3 on top of them. Is this possible? Am i able to drill through the fiberglass right under the gunwale to bolt in the brackets which the wood plank will sit on? thanks for any input!

Those brackets will rust almost immediately.

Bill H.

Yes, it is a simple job
I have added and moved yokes and thwarts on a lot of canoes.

I use aluminum channel for the support clips which you can buy at Lowes or Home depot.

I use large head rivits to affix them to the sides of the canoe, but you could use stainless bolts if you prefer.

I use two per clip.

Then just bolt your yoke or thwart to them using two bolts.

If I am looking for a carry yoke I use wood, but if I am just looking for a thwart, I use a piece of inch diameter aluminum tubing that I flatten at each end and just use one bolt at each end.

Another way that eliminates the clips is to just use a length of tubing. Flatten each end and then bend the flattened portion and use one rivet or bolt to attach that to the side.

Measure everything twice and cut and drill once !

Jack L