How to land rockfish in a folding kayak

I am going on a two month sea kayak expedition to the coast of SE Alaska July '06. I will be paddling a Feathercraft K1. I would like to supplement my food supply by fishing for rockfish with either a hand line or spinning outfit. This leads me to two questions:

  1. What is the easiest way to land and store rockfish so that their toxic coated spines don’t puncture me or the folding kayak?

  2. I will be in brown bear country and so I need ideas on how to minimize fish odors left in or on the folding kayak?

Here’s a possible source to get an
answer to your question:

Though the group is out of San Diego, I’m sure that there are folk who have fished the Northwest on the forum and can give you information on rock and other fishes where you’ll be paddling and how to avoid smells that’ll attract bears. Have fun on your trip and good luck.

Ok I’ll take a shot at this.
How about getting a water tight container tethered to your boat? Rubbermaid has lots of sizes. Easy to clean at night and shouldn’t attract seals or sea lions on the water or bears on land.

I was also thinking mesh bag but you might have a problem with the sea mammals.

Landing might be facillitated by a small gaff. I make my own using a large hook, with the barb ground off, and a piece of broomstick. It’s cheap and it works. I tie a piece of aquarium tubing to the handle about two inches above the hook and use the other end to slip over the hook when it’s not in use. Safety first!

I normally use an insulated freezer bag from Sam’s ($8) but for the circumstances you describe you might be able to use a plastic garbage bag that can later be burned in the campfire. Bag (or double bag) the fish then wrap the bag(s) tightly around it so it can’t raise it’s fins.

You might consider gutting it while you’re still afloat. It’ll die and the fins will definitely stay down when wrapped in a bag.

Dat’s my thought…

Gutting while still afloat also will
help in reducing fish smells around the campsite. Why in particular rockfish, aren’t there other species easily caught and of good food value?