How to Launch a Kayak from 30ft. - Video

For those that might be interested, I just posted a fun video clip. This video clip was filmed April 24th on the Columbia River (Skamania Coves area) by me.

Jonathan Walpole launched his kayak from atop a 30 ft cliff following our lunch stop.

The clip is 16 megs so we appologize to the low bandwidth users .

You can find the link to this clip on the bottom of this page:



It’s amazing how easy he makes it all look (I’m well aware of his experience and cert. that he holds)!! Almost like he was born in the cockpit of a sea yak! I’m new to sea kayaking and John Walpole is my inspiration to advancing and continuing to learn in this new hobby and passion I’ve found.

Cool video Wade, thanks for sharing!!


Very nice!
Good footage of the re-enter and roll too.

Walpole is an amazing instructor
I joke about the “evil Jon” all the time because he’s always pushing pupils to the next level, but honestly he’s an amazing instructor. The man is simply fluid in his mechanics of motion. He just moves flawlessly with the water around him.

Like many, I too was inspired by his online photo collection


I count myself fortunate that I’ve been able to plug into training opportunities with Jon, Steve “flatpick” and other very high caliber paddlers.


I was expecting a seal launch…
…not a dump-and-jump.

But I guess that glass boat probably would have broken if he’d tried to ride it down those rocks.

me too
I thought he was going to be in the boat, too. That would have been lunacy squared, I guess.

More along the lines of this:

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That’s classic!
Thanks for the stupid (hehe). That is classic. I guess i need to link that to our paddling website.


nice vid…
what a pleasant surprise seeing all those composite tempests in the pics. I just ‘invested’ in a 165pro and should have it soon…can’t wait!

good eye!
Good eye bmiii.

Yep, lots of happy paddlers in this part of the woods… In fact, I’m awaiting my Tempest Pro as well.

Yeah, it takes skills to drop your yak off a cliff!! ROFL!!