How to load and trailer a SOF?

I am wondering how to safely transport a 18’ SOF on my Rack-N-Roll trailer. Specifically, should it be carried upright on its keel or upside down on the gunwales? I currently carry my Plastic Tempest sea kayak in Thule J-bars, but not sure it’s a good idea to carry a SOF on its side in the same manner. Any/other thoughts appreciated.

I don’t treat mine any differently
I have 18 and 19 ft sofs along with a folbot cooper and just throw them up on the J hooks (yakima) like anything else. (or on a stacker bar if carrying more than two) The sofs do seem to require tie downs front and back as it can bounce pretty good if you get behind a determined 18 wheeler.


SOF transport with Rack n Roll
Turner Wilson has used the R & R for transporting SOF kayaks for thousands of miles. When I’ve seen his rig he has used the foam saddles made for roof rails on the rails of the R & R. Contact him to ask his experience with cockpit up or down.


Deck down
Everything about a SOF hangs off the gunnels. They are the strongest surface. Do not use bow and stern tie downs. SOFs are designed to flex. Post at the QajaqUSA Greenland forum website for more information.


deck down
on foam covered bars is better than hull down on rollers/saddles. If you’re using J-racks it doesn’t matter.