How to lock a yak to my truck?

How do you lock your kayak to your racks? I have a bolt on rack on my Pickup and can snake a cable though it and then snake it through the boat. Is this going to be enough to keep the boat on the rack in most cases? I am not much worried about while at home as I live out in the woods, but more in the parking lot while shopping and such. Any other ideas?

most of the time, all you need is
something robust-looking enough to send a message to the potential thief that your boat will be too much trouble so they pass and move on to an easier mark.

If all you are looking to do is protect during the daytime, no overnighters, get some vinyl coated cable at the hardware store along with some crimps. Make one or two sections that can go over the ends of your boat and weave through your rack. Secure with a good lock.

You can buy commercial cable locks or make something. both should be effective.

Thru the cab
Open both doors and run the cable thru the cab. Then at least, it’s not as easy as popping the rack off and taking the yak.

Yes, that is what I do if I am…
at a motel overnight or some scuzzy place.

I use one of those plastic coated steel cable dog runs, with a pad lock.

Keep in mind if a crook wants it, he’ll get it no matter what you do, but he needs a set of racks or a big truck to steal my long kayaks and canoes.

jack L

I use a Lasso brand lock for a lot of the times I lock. Also, one of my boats has a lock point, so in that case I use a bike lock type cable and standard key lock.

On the plus side, boats are not as often stolen off of cars as things like bicycles are. I have had boas on my roof for months on end in San Francisco with only twice people trying to take them off, and neither time could they get past the simple locks. I am pretty sure the people weren’t thieves, but drunk partyers.

My system
Works like this: When one of the kayaks is out of the shop, it never leaves my eyesight.


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Well unfortunately those cables are almost worthless. I can cut through a 10mm steel braided cable with a pair of side cutters in just a minute or two. If you look into bike locks, steel cables have the lowest rating of all setups because there so easily cut. Iam not talking bolt cutters but a small pair if side cutters that fit in your back pocket. I was looking into those Lasso cable lock setups but decided there just not enough. I made my self basically a copy of the lasso cable setup but used Abus hardened 5/16 steel chain with chain cover. I tried cutting this chain with my 25 inch bolt cutters and couldn't do it with even putting all my weight onto the handle. Let alone trying to cut the chain up in the air on a roof rack. Oh 5/16 chain from Home Depot was easily cut with my bolt cutters, soft chain.

I used an Abus Granit paddle lock. It cant be picked with ordinary lock pick but can be picked with a special tool not many would have. I checked out youtube its amazing how EVERY lock is so easily picked with a simple lock pick in just seconds. There is even a lock picking forum I found. Supposed to be for locksmiths but I bet its full of thieves. To make the loops on each end I used Abus Diskkus padlocks which can easily be picked so since the loops never need be unlocked I filled the lock cylinder with glue so no picking the locks used to make the loops at each end.

So I guess its how much security you want. This chain setup cost me about 180 bucks. Mainly the Abus Granit lock most sell it around $100 but I found it online for $61 with shipping. This setup is heavy but not outrageous. Still a battery power cutter could defeat it or a really large set of bolt cutters. I tried cutting the chain with a hacksaw and all I did was dull my blade. I here they sell a special blade that doesn't have teeth but a coating or some kind of carbide and you can do it. But you need to clamp down the chain in a vise. Oh I bought a foot of chain first to test it. After I was satisfied with it a bought two sections of covered chain one 9 foot one 8 foot. Long enough to do my 17' 9" long kayak. I just made this setup so I don't have any pictures of it yet.