How to make a hole to install a Hatch?


I have a Cobra Eliminator. I got this kayak used. I’m planning to install a 5 inch hatch in the flat section near the stern. The kayak came with a small day hutch near the cockpit, which is very convenient no only for storage, but also to drain the kayak. My intention is to have something similar in the rear section of the kayak. The kayak is getting water from somewhere. This hutch will also help me to fill this section of the kayak with water for drainage testing and be able to flush water out of the kayak if necessary.

I just ordered the hutch, but I’m not sure on how to install it. ANY TIPS?

The kayak has to small holes for drainage (about 1 inch), but I guess water was getting in through these openings so the previous owner sealed these holes permanently. I’m thinking on removing one of these sealed plugs and use the small hole as a base to start cutting the hole for the 5 inch opening that I need.

Thanks for your help!


measure twice
cut once.

mark hole.

drill a hole big enough for a saber saw blade.

insert blade and cut hole with saber saw

smooth with round file, rotary rasp or dremel

install hatch


Hatch cut out
Remember to save the plastic cutout plug when you finish cutting the hole. It can be cut in thin ¼ inch strips and used as plastic welding rod to do pin hole or crack repairs in the future. Can’t get a better color match than the original hull material.

Great instruction article here

great idea alg…
…I would not have thought of that.

Was also going to add: use a fine-tooth metal blade in your jig-saw, not a wood blade.

Thank you for all the suggestions.