How to make kayak saddles?

I am turning a boat trailor into a sea kayak trailor.

I want to make my own saddles for sea kayak which is 18 ft.and a 12 ft. fishing kayak.The sea Kayak is old,plastic and heavy,prone to warping when left to sit in sun,Since I dont like paddling in circles, I want to support it well hoping to keep it from warping.

Does closed cell foam glue to wood with neoprene cement

or aquaseal? Thanks Greg

contact cement or fabric
I’ve seen some with fabric screwed to a wood saddle over with foam padding. The 6 man outrigger club build them that way. Use short wood screws with big washers and fabric that withstands UV like awning fabric.

I’ve used 3M spray adhesive for foam but in a boat not on a saddle

kayak trailer
I transport an old plastic sea kayak on a trailer, too. My bunks are treated 2x lumber with a layer of 1/2" foam on top. I wrapped carpet over it and stapled it on the vertical faces of the 2xs. I carry the boat upside down, so whatever isolated loads there are are on the deck, rather than the bottom of the boat. Finally, the places where the boat bears on the trailer are (a) way up forward about 3’ aft of the bow, (b) the cockpit coaming, and © aft of the cockpit at the hatch cover. Each of these is pretty stiff, and 58 pounds distributed in 3 places means there really isn’t much pressure anywhere.

2nd the contact cement
My knee braces are glued in with contact cement and haven’t given in years.

Hubby cut form from treated wood
then covered them in gray outdoor carpet. He made a curved pattern, cut 2 pieces for each boat and fastened them to the trailer bars, to which eye bolts are placed towards the top edges for the straps. Each layer carries 4 boats and are carried on their sides. We can carry up to 12 kayaks, even on the uppers that don’t have holders as these at times carry canoes.

Our set up was made with family/friend outings in mind of which we’ve had many over the years.

If you want to go upscale, look here: