How to Paddle Downwind (video)

One of the best doing it [well]:

And [horror!] - no PFD !!!

The article (worth reading, IMO) is on

Excellent video
Oscar is a very approachable guy. Had the opportunity to do a training session with him and the Garden State Kayak Racing group.

Some photo’s and a video of Oscar here…


so that’s why they call them surfski. they really mean it! :slight_smile:

Oscar Chalupsky
Really liked the 2nd link of him where you had the option of watch the video without the music. Thought it was excellent. Nice to hear the paddles and water.

I have read of him these past couple of years, but the video (both videos actually) really helps get an idea

of them surfing. Catching a good ride and letting it keep you up to speed.

Now I have a much better idea of what surfskis are all about!

Catching a wave in a surfski is much easier I find than my SINK. Even small waves can be caught and ridden relatively easily. I have yet to get into big waves with my ski, but hoping to try it this spring or summer.

Some more here:

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Scroll to the bottom and check out the

"Robbo fully stabilzed" one ... Regular size waves.

Another one of Oscar in small bumps.

Excellent Patrick!
Can’t wait for the warmer weather to take my ski out!

if I did the math correct …

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...... they were moving aprox. 5.5 mph avg. speed over the aprox. 41 min. time period .

It looks so much faster in the vid. (amazing visual illusion) . I'm guessing that's pretty much a top speed that can be achieved cause these two guys seemed to have in down to an art . Also thinking maybe the tide runs of different areas can produce different results due to speed and direction of tides .

What is the fastest ever achieved over a similar length of time , and where ??

Was also watching how those wing paddles worked and their stroke technique ... interesting especially w/regards to the recent thread "wing paddle phisics" .

No , I'm not moving towards kayaking in any way ... but I like to watch them perform , kinda neat .

some ideas

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Two open water races that spring to my un-racer mind - Molokai and Blackburn

Blackburn is 20+ miles (not sure whether dry or wet), in 2010 top time was 2:46:23

Molokai - 32 miles ( same disclaimer), top time in 2010 3:23:02.

I’m a dummy I think …
… something’s not right , gonna do the math again cause they have to be going faster than than 5.5 mph .

The story of that video

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Distance quoted in the GPS track 7.31 miles, time quoted for the video is 41:22 ( the record is 37:18 for double)
Speed is 7.31/(41*60+22)*3600 = 10.6 miles per hour.

The record speed is 11.8 miles per hour.

Notice a few words about GPS tracking discrepancies.

Molokai race history
Here some times for this 32 mile open ocean race.


A little under 12mph
according to my math…which can’t be any worse than yours.



yup :slight_smile:
It’s 10.8 mph if you take 7.43 mi over 41:22.

The Miller’s Run Record
in a double, I believe, was just set within a week of the Oscar/Rob one, this time by Oscar and Dawid Mocke. Oscar’s son, Luke, posted some great shots of the two in action, leaning waaaaay back on some serious sell, and then (This is the best part…) actually going for a swim coming into the shorebreak. It happens very rarely, but even the Gods sometimes swim. :slight_smile:

On Oscar… I too, had the good fortune to atend a clinic, this one in RI, with the big man. Coming back in, I was paddling for all I was worth on some 3’ swell, and Oscar came cruising up alongside me, paddle across his lap, as if he were in his Laz-Y-Boy, shouting directions. The man is the picture of efficiency, milking every subtle ride for all it’s worth. And yes, his pint tipping talents are all true as well, as we had the pleasure of finding out at the after celebration. What fun. :slight_smile:

ok I feel better now that …

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...... my brain is working again , or is it ??

I did the math this way ... (7.43/41.3666)60=10.7768--mph. ..... is this correct ??

it’s working now
You got the same answer I posted above rounded to 10.8 mph.

Yup, at 140 heart rate
or whatever the [low] number was.

Can’t wait for the weather to warm-up again so I can take my “fast” kayak out in some swells; get wet without much concern about hypothermia and other bad things that can happen in freezing waters while learning the “art of downwind” paddling, he-he… I’m not cut out for flat water paddling - too much hard work and not enough excitement -:wink:

I’ll have to join you
Hey Kocho, now that I’m in MD as well, we should get together sometime this summer and try catching some swells. I’ve got my Mako XT here as well as my 17’ fiberglass kayak of unkown origins.

Catch-up with you on CPAKayaker too (a few more locals there who might be interested in this kind or other paddling activities)