How to portage a SOT?

I have lots of boats but not a SOT. I was looking at them and wondered how to portage even a short distance of a few hundred feet.

I can single shoulder carry a kayak or my outrigger, or even jury-rig a double shoulder yoke for a kayak. Light canoes and kayaks I have even balanced on my head. But I wouldn’t try that with a 50+ pound SOT.

How do solo mortals move a SOT without a cart? Drag?

Attach a thigh strap ….
carry on your shoulder.

Don’t buy a 50 lb SOT.

I have a Cobra Strike I have carried up and down cliffs in baja with a thigh strap.

and yes you can drag a lot of those big heavy SOTs with no damage as long as you are not dragging on sharp rocks, mussel shells or broken off trees .

SOT-specific carts
No straps; you just put the molded plastic spikes in the scupper holes and roll it. Should be enough room on a SOT to stash one.

Depending on the design, I would try
to get my head load-bearing in the center, while having the “sponsons” of the SOT rest on my shoulders. I’ve been able to carry kayaks that way, with the front foam pillar resting against my head. But many SOTs are going to be too wide to rest on the backside of one’s shoulders.

They are awfully heavy…

Also carry strap through scuppers

I drag my 85 lb Tarpon 160

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