How to price an older, aluminum canoe


I’m looking to buy a canoe from a friend, but neither of us have any idea of what a reasonable price would be. The canoe is aluminum, Alumacraft brand, 1993 Quetico 15C model.

I’ve been told that the canoe is in fairly nice condition, given that it’s from 1993. I am hoping to see it soon, but would like to have an idea of price before making a deal. Just looking for a second canoe to use at our lake home.

Any suggestions of how much a canoe like this might be, or another site to reference for pricing assistance.


My shot in the dark guess is
$150 - $200.

I wouldn’t go above $300.
It’s a matter of what it’s worth to you, and what he feels he has to have to part with it.

I have some respect for Alumacraft, but the fact is, with patience, you can get a used 15 to 16 Royalex with better lines for $400.

depends on where you are

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In the Mpls area, you can get a decent (IMO) 16-17 ft alumacraft or grumman model for $350-$450. The 15 ft models seem to be rarer and are listed more in the $450-$500 range. A friend should give you a good price. But then as a friend you should give him a good price, right???

Get on to Craigs list
and pull up several cities around the country, then click on boats, then click on canoes, and you can get a good idea.

I have been looking for several months now, and there are a lot of them. Also many of them have pictures to show the shape they are in.

jack L

Spring Creek Outfitters

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You might check out Spring Creek's website for Al canoes and perhaps even give them a call and ask their opinion. I'd recommend you see the canoe first and get a good idea of how it looks and maybe a few photos.

On this date in 2008 my husband and I visted Spring Creek and traded in our two Al canoes, his 17' Grumman and my 15' Alumnacraft, for a used Wenonah Champlain. My Alumnacraft was about a 1972 or 73 model and very lightly used, great condition; Darryl's Grumman was about same vintage, well-used but well-taken cared for with only minor scratches and maybe one small dent (result of a fairly inexperienced bow person not seeing that rock just below surface so far out in the lake). The decision to trade was based on our desire to get another lighter weight (Kevlar) boat for our fleet. We'd already switched over to a Souris River Kevlar for our Quetico trips several years earlier. When the man from Spring Creek asked what we wanted for our boats we pulled a figure out of the air, more or less: $600 for both. He readily accepted, saying he had a good market for both. My husband's Grumman had been our Quetico tripper for years while my Alumnacraft was used as our cabin canoe although it had been used one BWCA trip, loaned to a friend.

My thoughts
Ultimately a boat is worth what the market will bear but I personally would not pay more than $300. Not all aluminum canoes are in good condition, but many are since the material is virtually maintenance-free and many were used as lake boats.

I would put the boat in the water before buying it. Many old aluminum canoes develop leaking rivet holes. While this is not a fatal problem (they can be sealed with G Flex epoxy and other materials) it does involve time, trouble, and additional expense so the boat should be price accordingly.
Check out aluminum canoe on You can see listings for all types of canoes and kayaks from several different sites all on this site.

There is not much
market anymore for aluminum canoes. This could be a good thing if you are a buyer and the canoe meets your needs.

depends on where
There are quite a few aluminum canoes still being used up in the BWCA and on lakes in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I bought a 17’ grumman in REAL good shape for 250. Going rate is about 350 in this area. I also got a Discovery 169 off fleabay for 400 bucks.