how to protect kevlar canoe?

hi all.

i use 303 on all my poly kayaks…and it those a ice job.

but now i just baught a bluewater mist today.

and wish to no how to clean it adn make it shine and protect it.?

its in kevlar.

any special for kevlar.?


Wax with carnuba in it and also 303
We have a bunch of kevlar yaks and canoes, and that is what we use.

You can spend big bucks for marine wax, but we found the automotive with the carnuba wax is just as good.

jack L

I have a Bluewater. Kaz of Millbrook
who makes similar canoes (glass outside, Kevlar inside) recommends waxing the boat with a yacht wax that includes a UV inhibitor. There’s no point in using both yacht wax and 303. The one won’t stick over the other.

That outer pigmented layer on your Bluewater probably includes a UV inhibitor. I’ve driven our Bluewater around without treating the surface, and I haven’t seen any deterioration yet.

Enjoy your boat, and let us know how it turns out.