How to put ID on black paddle

I want to put my ID on a new black carbon paddle. Any ideas on what to use?

How much ID do you want in it?
If name and phone number is enough, you may want to consider a nylon zip-tie. Then use a sharpie to write on it. It weighs nothing and is tough enough to last years.

You could stencil and spray lightly, or
try a paint pen.

Carbon paddles will absorb a lot of heat from the sun, and most don’t seem to be affected. I have one WW kayak paddle with old Double Dutch carbon blades which will blister if left in still air and hot sun in summer temperatures. One solution I may try is to spray a light coating of quality white paint on the surfaces. This would also protect the blade resin, which is epoxy. You could cut a stencil with your ID, prepare the surface carefully, and use a couple of light coats of Krylon. Regular Krylon will work fine, or you can use their new Fusion for overkill.

Use a sharpie
I have had it on my WW paddle for 2 years and it is still just the way it was when I put it on. You can get gold or silver as well as other colors

How to put ID on black paddle blades
Thanks. The easiest way sounds like the sharpie - I assume just a regular permanent marker?