How to react to a mother goose attack?

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… this made me laugh the hardest.

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a similar recipe. After stuffing/and using the various ingredients, you put it in the oven at 350 on top of a pine board. When finished cooking, you throw out the goose and eat the pine board…

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5 second burst from your bow mounted mini gun.

Had a girlfriend who received a baby goose for an Easter present when she was young. 7 years later that goose was still alive, very territorial, and very protective of the girlfriend. Followed her around like a dog, and she petted it like a dog.
Every time I went to girlfriend's house I had to stay in the car, or take a whipping from that goose, whose bites were not love nips. Got tired of goose long before the relationship ended. Introduced goose to cherry bombs. Problem solved. I still kept an eye out for that damn bird; especially after dark.

Taking several, slower paddlers with you as sacrificial victims for the goose might help till you run out of victims?


Someone goosed your mother?
Appropriate response varies depending on whether it was a stranger or a relative doing the goosing.

I’m with Kanoo, be glad it wasn’t a swan.

Who cares whether it’s a mother or father goose. Ping 'em.

After I took my kayak out of the water today, a pair of geese swam over and were very obviously waiting for a handout. Damn shoreline fishermen must be feeding them (in addition to throwing bait containers and other trash all over the place, despite there being trash containers provided).

12 gauge with No 3 shot–NM

Sorry I started that -Not!
A few geese are great . The huge flocks we have now are disgusting.

Same with homo sapiens
Too much of a good thing is still too much.

someone opposed to Mother Goose?
no Little Miss Muffet for you


Crank Em
When I was a kid we had tame geese thet would attack without warning.My older brother cured them by “cranking them”. He grabbed the head and gave it a fast crank.-problem over-educated goose.


A few years ago we were paddling
in a waterfowl area and startled a female nesting on top one of the hunting blinds. She took off squawking and carrying on and lit beside her mate still raising a racket quite a ways from us. He just had his head down, as if saying yes Dear, yes Dear, give them a few minutes and they’ll leave. Even one of the ladies in our group commented that you could definitely tell which was the female in that pair ;o)>



Danger Wild Goose
If you feel your life was in danger then swim,That could be a problem this time of year in S.E. Louisiana. I have on a couple of occasions seen the hen start leeding the chicks (ducks) to saftey and then fly away short distance and play crippled thrashing in water to draw predators away, it’s an amazing sight sounds like the gooslings were nestbound. Most animals probally have similar instincts. Lucky it wasn’t an alligator

Yeah, geese can be nasty when they’re protecting their nest/ eggs. Use you paddle to defend yourself, but dont swipe at the goose…use your paddle as kind of a speer…this way you wont hurt your paddle…and it concentrates the energy into the tip and really gives a goose a nice “bump”. One thump in the chest and they’ll swim off honking but will leave you alone.