How to recharge

Going against the lure of the outdoors, I often bring 1 or 2 electronic devices with me on hiking and kayaking trips (ipod mini and a cell phone). Unless I am backcountry for an extended period, the ipos usually holds charge through the trip, but the more critical cell phone lasts 24 hours max. Anyone have any suggestions on lightweight recharging options? Solar? Battery?

there are many

by leaving those things at home.

External battery
I recommend using an external battery pack. To fully recharge your phone, you’d want one in the 2,000–3,000mAh range. Amazon has about a billion different choices, starting as low as 10 dollars. For multiple charges over the course of several days, get a 10,000 or 15,000mAh model. This is by far the cheapest, lightest option for recharging during the kind of trips you are talking about.

But the best way to save your devices’ batteries is to leave them plugged in at home!



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Turn them off and they won't use up the batteries.
Re-creation happens when you recharge your brain, psyche, and spirit.

If you are taking your culture with you, there is no reason to go far from home.


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amen to that. Turn 'em off and leave them at home.

If going on a trip for more than a couple of days I suggest taking some sort of solar panel/battery combo. I used GoalZero’s Sherpa 50 battery pack with the Nomad 13 solar panel on my trip down the Missouri. I had no problems with it keeping my i-phone, kindle and VHF radio charged. I would not take it on a hiking trip due to the weight unless going with a group and sharing out gear and load.

What bothers me…
is that you think a cell phone is a critical accessory in a wilderness setting. I’m not sure where you’re going, but a cell phone may or may not get reception. Many here would argue that the 'glades or the 'dacks is wilderness, but you won’t find your cell phone working in most of the areas. Think satellite phone, or marine radio if you want critical access to help.