How to remove molded-on graphics?

Hey all,

I am trying to find out the best method for removing molded-on graphics from my linear polyethylene kayak. I’ve recently purchased an Ocean Kayak Ambush, complete with gawdy bass-fishing graphics on both sides. Is there a chemical that will take these off without harming the kayak’s finish? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

give in and buy a truckers ball cap
complete with foam in the front and mesh back ,in como of course. suprised it didn’t come with one .

this is a tough one ,removing graphics is hard, almost inpossible. Camoclad makes an adhesive camo application that comes in many different styles. perhaps you could cover the graphics .I used thier permanent vinyl material cut into shapes to camo my necky dolphin. workrd really well and despite the permanant claim it removes without residue left on.

You sometimes really wonder what manufactuers are thinking some days. In our neck of the woods

Nascar reigns as a lessor god. be happy your yak didn’t come with a big no# 3 on the side.

Cover it up
I have no experience but would like to add my thoughts. These folks are right cover it up… I think Id just paint something creative and personalized over it myself.

Let’s see now…
You just bought something that you don’t like? Why did you buy it in the first place? Sounds like a sickness to me.

Like that approach to drugs: Just say no!

uh, nice suggestion
The boat rocks. The graphics suck. Period.

personalized decals would be way cool.

Someone asked me why I took most of the graphics off my Caribou, I told them it looked like NASCAR Kayak…

grayhawk, how did you get them off?

It’s gel coat so…

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I heated them with a heat gun and they peeled right off... GH

PS Lees, we're camping in the Tortugas in Sept and taking some yaks so I may run into you... GH