How to remove NDK rope skeg

I need to address a sticky skeg in a NDK Romany. While I am at it, I plan to replace cord and elastic bungee. I am unclear of the technique to remove the skeg. Is it just friction set and held by bungee? So if I unscrew the keep on the top deck to release bungee deck attachment, what else is needed to remove skeg and disc plates for the skeg recess?

Thank you.

Skeg removal tool

haven’t done it myself but

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The entire point of the rope skegs is that they can be fixed without tools.

You might have a boat originally sold by maine island kayak company on peak's isand outside of portland. The rope skews were Tom Bergh's preference. Try calling them.

some more info
including a blast from the past…sometimes an archive search here will turn something up.

Here’s something from Valley rope skegs via

I did my Greenlander pro
Not sure if its the same as a Romany but would think so. I did mine last year and don’t have the boat anymore so cant remember exactly what I did. I didn’t remove the bungee I just released the rope as the skeg comes down the bungee tension goes away and I just pulled the skeg all the way down then pulled on skeg straight down which the skeg blade came out at that point. I removed rope and installed new rope popped skeg blade back up into kayak and was done. Hence no tools required. It was pretty straight forward as I remember it. Now if your skeg blade is sticking which mine wasn’t my guess is just clean it out and hopefully that works. Sorry I couldn’t be more detailed as I did this last year. But like I said it was pretty straight forward. Much easier than when I did my Valley avocet cable skeg.

Same here
Like DC9mm I replaced the rope skeg for a elderly Romany in the same fashion - and replaced the rope. It was so straightforward that I don’t remember the details - kind of like I couldn’t screw up (which I can easily do). Hope yours is the same easy design.

My Boreal Design Ellesmere also has a rope skeg, which does not yet need maintenance. I hope it’s as easy. The first try is often daunting.

the bungees hold skeg in place along
with some friction. Untie the bungee knot and release the tension on the fabric line that you pull on. Deploy the skeg so that it is perpendicular to the hull and gently work it out of the slot. Remember the rope and bungee orientation on the round part of the skeg by drawing or taking a couple of pictures. Clean the components with soap and water, install new bungee and line then pop the keg back into the slot. Double check that the tube in the rear hatch is secure and not pinched/off center. Pictures before you disassemble are very helpful. Best wishes.