how to remove rubber cement

just bought a dagger legend that has knee pads in it that have glue smeared all over the bottom of the boat and i was wondering what will take it off of the royalex.

Probably is contact cement, not
rubber cement. There are some commercial products touted to remove contact cement residue. However, I would attack the problem with a dull scraper. You could even use a chisel if you are confident working it at a very low angle.

Maybe This

Try elbow grease
If the cement hasn’t become too hard, you may be able to peel or rub it off. I was able to remove quite a bit of Barge cement on my wood boat in this fashion.

I can’t find those pics I took about removing the contact cement from the Indy you sold me. If you have em, post em.

Basically, you lay new contact cement over the old contact cement. Then you lay contact cement on a tightly woven cloth (I use 2" nylon ribbon). Let both sides sit for the proper amount of time, 15 mins IIRC, and you apply the ribbon strips very firmly, and use them to pull off the old contact cement. Works on all but the most dried out, crusted contact cement.

Mineral Spirits
Lay paper towels soaked in mineral spirits over area. Let sit for a day, rewetting paper towel if needed. Scrape off softened contact cement with plastic scraper. Repeat as needed. (Note: in my earlier reply, I had written “rubbing alcohol” instead of mineral spirits. Sahwee bout dat.)

Found em, worth a looksie

Toluene and a match.
Stand back.

thanks, I will give these a shot

tried citrus cleaner
and a putty knife today and it worked great.thanks all