How to remove SmartTrack foot braces?

Wondering if someonen can tell me how they removed their SmartTrack foot braces. I can see one screw to remove that should detach the foot brace assembly from the aluminum rail, but the cable will still be attached to teh foot brace and need to have it “free” in order to grind down the foot brace.


Sure you want to grind?

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Remove the one screw near the adjuster and the assembly slides out from the track. Careful, don’t loose the small clip at the end (look for it when removing).

Depending on your method of reforming the pedal shape, you may need to remove the cable. You’ll need to remove the “wedgie” at the rudder housing and feed the cable through the boat. Do one side at a time and you’ll be able to look over at the other side when it comes time to put it back together.

I have the vertical adjustment plates on my Smart Track, which positions the pedals lower where they are quite comfortable for me. I’ve paddled a boat with this system with the tracks positioned in the stock OEM position and absolutely hated it, they were placed way too high.

Consider trying a pair of vertical adjustment plates first, before grinding. If the pedals are in the wrong position now, they still will be in the wrong position after you reform/grind them.

Contact Andrew @ SmartTrack, LLC (new owners of Smart Track) >> to get a pair. You can see them on the new site


Could not find a picture of it

Look all over the site but did not see a picture of the vertical height adjuster plates (did see the text on it).

The foot brace hits my foot at the ball of the foot, and that is a good position for me (size 12 foot) to brace with and adjust the toe pilots. If I moved them lower then my toes would be too high for teh toe pilots.

If I wear a stiff soled shoe then it is not a problem, BUT then it is very hard to “feel” the toe pilots. Maybe for surf I will use a thin water sock and for touring a water shoe.

I looked elsewhere on the web for a picture of vertical adjustment plates, but can’t find one (sorry about that). The description that ericnyre provided is a good one, should help you visualize what they’ll do for you.

Size 12 feet eh? Still think you might want to try lowering them and just see how it feels. I found the instruction sheet for my vertical adjustment plates. Says that most people prefer foot braces mounted 3 to 4 inches lower than the existing foot brace placement. The smaller the shoe size, the lower the pedal should be mounted for comfort. They recommend the toe pedal be between the ball of the foot and the toes. I think I mounted mine at the lowest setting on the plate for my size 10 feet.

My wife’s new WS boat with OEM rudder came with slider pedals (Perception style) that are flat faced with a heavy textured surface. The edge around the face of the pedal meets side at an abrupt 90-degree angle. I find her pedals to be uncomfortable when paddling barefoot in her boat.

Try playing with the pedal position like ericnyre said, moving them back or forward maybe all you need. The cable adjusters are pretty long (though tough to rotate), you may not need to mess with the “wedgies” to adjust the cable length.

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It is set up
so the toe pilot is between the ball of my foot and toes. Hats off to QCC for setting it up right!

Think I am going to contact cement some dense but soft foam on the foot brace AND the toe pilot. Should solve the problem.