How to remove spray paint, old rental fleet #

I have a previously used rental boat that I would like to tidy up a bit, specifically getting rid of the fleet #s spray painted on it. I tried using nail polish remover, Ed 40, soap and water,etc and even tried sanding it a bit. I was able to remove one # but left a mark in its place. Was definitely not the correct process. What is suggested to remove this?

Even if you get the paint off, you’ll still see it due to fading. You may be able to reduce that by polishing, but based on the state of the rest of the canoe, I don’t think that’s going to end up great

Add to the paint. Like camouflaging a bad tattoo (no personal experience, speaking from a friends retelling) add to the design. Celtic artwork covers over a ton of stuff or rework that into a stylized Viking dragon.

Looks like magic marker. Try rubbing alcohol.

Repaint the entire boat or mask off the bow and maybe other parts of the boat and add a graphic design. Google “custom painted kayak” for dozens of examples.

Whatever was use to put the number on the boat, if it was oil based or something similar, has probably penetrated the plastic and can’t be removed entirely.

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Paint remover for fiberglass

Yes. paint it.

If you cant get it off here are a few ideas.

  1. Leave it. It is part of the canoe’s history.

  2. Apply something like these: Alemon Shark Teeth Mouth Reflective Decals Graphics Sticker Fishing Boat Canoe Car Truck Kayak Decals Accessories

  3. Have an artist friend do a cover-up tattoo.

  4. Paint the whole canoe.