How to restore UV damaged hatch cover?

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We recently purchased a 2001 Necky Amaruk composite kayak (Kevlar layup). The hatch covers have UV damage to the black color (milky) and since the kayak is in pristine condition I would like to remedy this minor problem.

My question is, do I add a coat of black gelcoat to them or do I paint them with some special paint? Any suggestions are welcome. Here is a picture of one of the covers:


Necky was responsive to me about hatch
covers on my Looksha.

I’m unable to tell from that picture whether the cover is “damaged” or just aged. I would bet it was supposed to be dark in the first place.

Faded - not damaged

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Yes, the covers are black and the black color has aged (faded) over the years. I just want to restore that deep black color on them.

In what way did Necky help you with your Looksha by the way?

If they’re composite with gel coat just buff them.

You could try spraying 303 on, then wiping it off. I tried that with the stern hatch cover on my Eddyline. Improved it somewhat, but the cover is still kind of beat up - including a surface crack across the top (no idea how the previous owner managed that).

You have two possibilities
Either you have to sand off the oxidized material or paint them.

If they’re fiberglass, you can try fine wet sanding and buffing the gelcoat, but it may not be thick enough to permit it without the glass showing through. You could re-coat them with gelcoat, but on a hatch cover it doesn’t offer much benefit vs. paint and it’s a lot more work.

There are gelcoat restoration pics and instruction on my website at:

automotive finishing compound?

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Finer than rubbing compound but stronger than wax. If anyone sees a problem with this please let me know, I've been using it on gelcoat to minimize small scratches and bring back shine.

Installation of front hatch on a poly
Looksha Sport 14.5’. Also removal of rudder.

Great suggestions!
Thank you all for your input!

Yes, the covers are fiberglass (or a kevlar mix) and I have tried 303 on them already but it did not give me the result I am after. I will try and buff them to see what I can get that way. Again, thanks!