How to roll a whitewater yak

I tried to learn to roll my RPM max on my own,couldnt do it. A fellow yaker explained it to me,so I went to the lake and was able to roll 4 out of 5,not good enough…so I happened upon EJ’s Rolling and Bracing.I watched his 10 year old son,handrolling a yak 1/4 of his body weight!

Long story short version,I now am the handroll MASTER…its so easy…:slight_smile:

Here’s your next challenge
Excellent! An RPM is a great boat to learn rolling in. Keep at it.

Now that you have that down, try a few of these babies:

Check out #33 in particular.

Does that mean:

A. Become a ten year old boy?

B. Lose some weight?

C. Get a bigger kayak?

D. Get EJ’s video?

E. Get some instruction?

Highly recommed EJ’s Rolling & Bracing video!

So, you’re "DanRiverRunner"
who is an intermediate, who loves to paddle white water, but didn’t know how to roll until now?


I learned in 04,…
I’m new to computers,cant type or spell,hunt & peck!I always try to help fellow boaters.I know how hard it can be to learn to roll.EJ’s video taught me!

I can remember the first time I had to roll.Was kayakin on the Mayo river,running the boiling hole,an easy class 3…THANKS EJ. I dont worry bout flippin no mo!