How to save $160 cleaning your kayak

Sorry for the click-baity title, but it sounded funny when I typed it. So @Lillyflowers wants to wash her boat. We do this periodically especially when coming off of water with milifoil but today she just wanted some of the scum off. The last few times we did this we just laid the boats on the ground, which is hard on tired backs and joints. So… which option did she choose?

The $160 option or…

the “hey, look what we already have” option?

The chairs worked surprisingly well, maybe even better since the uprights really hold the boat in place, not that that’s needed since you’re not really pushing on them…

Im a big fan of PVC tube cradles. Costs about $20 and 20 minutes to make 2 stands

Inventive though. I’ve also seen people take old camp chairs and cut off the back

I haven’t spent that much cleaning boats in 33 years.


I used some old tipi poles sunk in the ground and some nylon straps.

Nice! I’ve been using some old camp chairs for ~15 years.

Padded sawhorses work well as do tripod camp chairs, walkers, slings from a tree branch, and numerous other things.

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Bought some similar to those from Suspense (sp) about 5 years ago, 2 sets for about $60 on sale. They are too pricy now - I thought they were then even on sale.

I saw the facebook postings last week regarding how to modify two old walkers to create a set of kayak stands. At first I thought it was a great idea. Within a few seconds I realized the thought of looking at two walkers all the time was way too depressing!

After developing backaches at outdoor concerts from using those cheap straight-backed metal and nylon folding chairs that every drug store and big box sells for $10 or less, I used a metal blade on my reciprocating saw to cut the backs off two of them level with the seat, covered the cuts with electrical tape and they make excellent fold-up sling boat stands.

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zxrb, I have 3 walkers. Depressing until you realize they are a means to keep moving.

I bought a pair of foldable aluminum/canvas camp stools on eBay. They do the job nicely!

Wife picked up some pvc boat stands the neighbors were throwing away at the street. Light weight and they fold.

A couple of years ago I made up 4 cradles from inexpensive 1" Sched 40 PVC. They’re great for washing the boats and we store the kayaks on them in our garage. They fold flat when not in use…

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Or… I quickly made these for working on a boat. Rope, 2x3’s, two bolts and used doweling to connect wood.

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If you don’t want to build some stands yourself, restaurant supply stores sell tray stands that will work.

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That’s a wonderful idea.