How to seal bulkhead?

I just realized my bulkhead is no longer watertight. I ran water through and figured out where the “leak” is, and fortunately it’s between the cockpit and the bulkhead - nothing external. What is the best course of action - some Goop or something more involved?

Lexel sealant. Don’t use silicone.


I always heard about lexel here. So I saw some in the lumber yard and bought it to caulk a window install . I loved how it worked. Going to get another tube just in case I need a sealant.


So why is the bulkhead leaking?

If it is a delaminated epoxy fillet your caulk joint might have to be real wide and only temp work.

If it is foam bulkhead with worn caulk . Remove old caulk and recaulk.

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Probably get some better answers with an idea of what your bulkhead is.
My assumption is foam but foam vs. carbon fiber bulkheads may get a little different look see for example. Also have you looked at the condition of the bulkhead vs just the seal?